Esther, The Story of – Esther 2:1-3:7

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Sermon Notes

mainOur World View has a great deal of influence on how we view God’s activity in the world and in our lives. For some, their belief is that there is no god, and thus what we are able to experience, measure, etc., is reality, and there is nothing outside of it. This first view is commonly known as naturalism/materialism. There are also many who believe that god is in everything, this is classically known as Pantheism. There are also those who hold the view of a Deism. This is the view that God or a god created the world and the universe, and then set things into motion. This is commonly exemplified in the illustration of the “great clock maker,” where the clock maker builds the clock, winds it up, sets it in motion, and watches it spin-out. Finally, there is the view of Theism. Although there are many off-shoots that come from the Theistic worldview, this is the view that believes that God not only created the world, upholds it keeping things working and functioning, but that He also enters into our realm at times. 
     Our prayer is that as you open up your Bible to the book of Esther, download the teaching notes, and listen to Pastor Anton’s message, that you will have an open mind and heart to see God’s activity in this story. We believe that God is at work and on the move in our lives, and we hope that you will be encouraged by this message.