#Hashtags – New Years Day, 2017 – 2 Corinthians 5:15-21

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Sermon Notes

Image result for hashtags Have you ever considered the #Hashtags or labels that you carry around with you? #Hashtags are identifying mark commonly used with social media to connect people, events, or common things together. They might have been something that someone like a parent, teacher, friend, bully, or coach gave you. Or it might be one that you have given yourself. Regardless of where it came from, what #Hashtags do you carry with you? The reality is that #Hashtags are powerful! They have the power to cause us to think and act in ways we never thought possible. However the real question is this, who or what has the right to #hashtag you? 
We would like to invite you to download the teaching notes and follow along with the sermon by Pastor Anton. We hope and trust that you will be encouraged as he teaches on who has the right and authority to #hashtag us, and which #hashtags are actually true for us and our lives. 

*This message was adapted from a teaching done at NewSpring Church