In Christ Alone – Jesus Only – Matthew 17:1-13

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Have you ever had a major experience with God? Where you felt so close to Him that you were utterly humbled by your helplessness before Him? What did that feel like? Did you have a desire to stay right in that moment forever? Three of the disciples that were closest to Jesus had an incredible “mountaintop” experience commonly known as the Transfiguration. Jesus temporarily allowed His glory to shine, and as the three Disciples awoke to such an incredible sight, they also saw Elijah and Moses beside Jesus speaking with him. Peter’s initial response was build shelters for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah so they could remain there forever. But that was not the heavenly Father’s plan and will. In much the same way that the Transfiguration might have been to prepare Peter, James and John for what they would encounter as they came down the mountain, the reality is that mountaintop experiences are often what prepare us for the valley we are about to encounter. We hope that the following message by Pastor Anton will encourage you in your spiritual journey with the Lord.