The Perfect Father, in Heaven – Luke 12:22-34

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Sermon Notes

Have you ever struggled with your view of God Almighty as a “Father?” Many folks do! Often times it seems that we project the shortcomings and failures of our earthly Father onto a perfect Heavenly Father… and thus it distorts His true nature and character. In the following recorded message that was taught by Pastor Anton on Father’s Day 2018, he examines the parts of God’s nature revealed by Jesus in Luke 12:22-34 and other selected passages. When we have a fuller understanding of God as Father, then we need to understand what His responsibility are to us His adopted children, and furthermore what our role in the relationship ought to look like and how it ought to be lived out. We would like to invite you to download the teaching notes and turn in your own Bible to Luke 12 as you prepare to listen to the following message.