Defeated Giants – 1 Samuel 17:50-18:16 – Feb. 19 2017

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Sermon Notes

How you and I handle winning will make a difference in the long run. When we look at the lives of David and King Saul, we begin to realize that these men may have had similarities, but they ended up with very different results in the long run. David was known as a man that the Lord was with and a “man after God’s own heart.” Fallen as he was, he was known by such a profound title in the Holy Scriptures. On the other hand, Saul chose his own path (an example of this is clearly seen in 1 Samuel 15). Although Saul was chosen by the Lord and anointed by Samuel (the same prophet that later anointed David as the next king over Israel) he chose his own path which led to devastating consequences. When we face and defeat giants in our lives, there are going to be several things that will come against us immediately. How we handle the victory, and who we surround ourselves with will matter.
We would like to invite you to turn in your Bible to 1 Samuel 17:50, and to download the teaching notes with this message. We hope that you will be encouraged and challenged to deepen your walk with God through this teaching by Pastor Anton.