Encouragement for the Journey of Faith – Joshua 2 – Not Who She Once Was, Rahab

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Sermon Notes

Have you ever been given a fresh start? If you have, then you know what a wonderful freeing feeling it can be! There is a woman we learn of in Joshua 2 named Rahab. She has a less than desirable background, and as a result, she is a woman with a reputation. However, she was a smart woman and did not miss out on the truth that the One True God, The God of the Israelites, was in fact real. He was a powerful and present God unlike the gods of her people. She stepped out in faith and hid two Israelite spies that had come into the land secretly on behalf of Joshua their new leader. As a result of her faith, she went from being a part of a condemned people to being part of the family of God. We would like to encourage you to download the teaching notes and turn in your Bible to Joshua 2 as you prepare to listen to the following message by Pastor Anton. We hope and trust that you will be encouraged in your own journey of faith.