Encouragement for the Journey of Faith – Joshua 4 – Building a Monumental Life

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Sermon Notes

Joshua and the Israelite people have crossed the Jordan River by the miraculous hand of God almighty… But before they move forward and take possession of Jericho and the Promised Land, the Lord gives them some specific instructions. Joshua must choose 12 men, one from each of the 12 Tribes of Israel, to locate and carry 12 stones from the dry riverbed of the Jordan, and carry them to the place where the people will setup camp East of Jericho. They are called to build a “memorial” from these stones. The Memorial will serve as a reminder to the people and future generations of what God had done. For us today, building a memorial is a foreign concept. However, the Word of God teaches us that we are to build a monumental life that points others to Him. Testifying to the Word He has done. We would like to invite you to turn to Joshua 4, download the teaching notes, and to watch the short video of the Jordan River at harvest season prior to listening to the following message by Pastor Anton. We trust that you will be encouraged and challenged in your journey of faith with Him.