Week 3 – Home Run Life – Winning with Others

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HRL_logo_ClayThe following teaching is part of a five week sermon series taught by Pastor Anton at FOCUS Wesleyan Church. The teaching series “Home Run Life” is based off the the book written by Pastor Kevin Myers of 12Stone Church and John Maxwell. This particular week’s teaching is about getting on 2nd base in the baseball analogy, “Winning with Others.” In the teaching, pastor Anton explains that achieving success at the cost of crushing others, or being alone, is not real success. Often in our American way of thinking, we try and skip second base (winning with others) and head straight to third base (success), but we get “called out” or “thrown out” of the game of life along the way. We must use stuff and love people, not use people and love stuff.  We hope and trust that you are encouraged and challenged by this teaching.