In Christ Alone – Do all the good you can, as long as ever you can – Matthew 26

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Sermon Notes

 What is the most valuable item you own? What object would you be willing to run into a burning house to save? *(after everyone else is safe and pets have been moved to safety) Is it your phone, tv, computer, or something entirely different? Now let me ask something more difficult, would you be willing to give or use up entirely that item or object to Jesus? 
In Matthew 26, the Gospel writer accurately records an event prior to Jesus’ death by crucifixion on the cross. It is in the anointing of Jesus by Mary in the town of Bethany. In the following message by Pastor Anton, he will be sharing truths that can be learned from the example of Mary giving her very best of Jesus her Savior. We invite you to download the teaching notes and follow along as you listen to the following message. We hope and trust that you will be challenged and encouraged.