Joy and Faith – Advent Week 1 – 12/03/2017

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Sermon Notes

 Have you ever considered how much faith it must have taken for Mary, the mother of Jesus, the shepherds who were visited by the Angels of heaven, the prophet Simeon and prophetess Anna, and the Wise Men to have Joy when they heard of the Messiah’s arrival? Mary was filled with Joy long before she ever held her baby. The Shepherds were filled with joy and began celebrating over the sight of a child laying in the feeding trough. The prophet and prophetess celebrated the arrival of the Messiah while looking at a humble family (Mary and Joseph) presenting Jesus to the Lord in the Temple when He was only eight days old. And the Wise Men rejoiced and worshiped Jesus when he was only a young child found in a humble dwelling. Yet in all four situations, they had joy without any real substantial proof that He would be the Messiah. How could this be?
Faith seems to be the only answer. They had faith that even though what they saw and heard had not come to fulfillment, they trusted that He truly was the Messiah. We would like to invite you to turn to the New Testament Gospels and download the teaching notes as you prepare to listen to the following message taught by Rev Aaron Sherman, the District Superintendent of the KY-TN District of The Wesleyan Church. We hope and trust that you will have a Christmas season that is filled with Joy.