Live By Faith NOT by Sight – April 29 – Hebrews 7:1-4 Giving to the One who is Worthy

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Sermon Notes

 What are some of the things and people whom you view as great? For folks who have visited the Great Lakes in North America or the Great Wall in China, those are simply two examples of things that people consider great, and thus they carry that name. Alexander the Great is one person who many have considered to be great, and he too carries that title of “Great”. But what about you? What do you consider as “great”? In the book of Hebrews, Abraham encountered the greatness of Melchizedek and gave him a tenth of everything that he had obtained in the battle he had recently won. We would like for you to consider how we have little difficulty giving to someone or something that we believe to be great, yet when it comes to giving towards the Kingdom of God we are often resistant or at least hesitant. That being said, we invite you to listen to the following message by Pastor Anton Folz based on Hebrews 7. We hope and trust that you will be challenged and encouraged.