Made for Worship (Part 2) – Psalm 57:1-11

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Sermon Notes

 What is your natural reaction to when people are attacking you? Most likely your natural human reaction when going through a difficult season is not to praise the Lord. Yet when we read Psalm 57, the author David is in the midst of an enemy pursuing him wishing to kill him! He is in a cave, hiding from the King of Israel, Saul, and the king’s armies. Yet in the midst of the cave, David’s heart and mind are focused on God and His goodness. 
Ultimately God received the glory when we choose to focus on Him and trust in His plan and provision for our lives, especially when we are walking through a difficult season of life. We would like to invite you to turn in your own Bible to Psalm 57 as you listen to Pastor Anton share about the importance of praising God even when times are tough.