Made to Worship – Luke 17:1-19

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Sermon Notes

Have you ever been forcefully removed from your family or friends? Physically separated from their presence because of a terrible ailment or malady? For men, women or children living in the first century, this would have been a terrible reality for those who contract the awful disease known as leprosy. It was a strange and unknown sickness to the people, and thus they would separate that individual from the village and community, even their own spouse and children in hopes of keeping the ailment from spreading to others. 
In Luke 17, Jesus is called upon by ten men with leprosy for “mercy.” They were unclean men because of their ailment, and outside of a miracle, they would probably need to remain in a leprosy camp for the remainder of their lives… Separated from family and friends. We would like to invite you to download the teaching notes as you prepare to listen to the following message by Pastor Anton on Luke 17:1-19. We trust that you will be encouraged and challenged in your faith journey.