Moving Forward in Faith – Joshua 10 – Encouragement for the Journey of Faith

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Sermon Notes

What was the longest day you can remember? For parents, it might have been the day of labor leading up to the birth of their first child. For an employee, it may have been the first day on the job when you were very unfamiliar with the setting and what was expected of you. For the student, the day leading up to a major final exam may have felt as though it lasts for an eternity. Yet in all of these circumstances, the day lasted 24 hours. Like the day prior and the day to follow… 24 hours.

Yet in the story of Joshua found in chapter 10 we find that there was a miraculous “lengthening of a day” in order for Joshua and the Israelite army to prevail over their enemies. We would like to encourage you to turn in your own Bible to Joshua 10 and download the teaching notes as you prepare to listen to the following message by Pastor Anton. We hope and trust that you will be encouraged in your faith journey.