Palm Sunday – Mark 11:1-11 – The Kingship of Jesus

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Sermon Notes

Have you ever thought about what the first Palm Sunday must have been like? What the Disciples must have been thinking and feeling when Jesus told them that He was going to be riding into Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey? What must have been racing through their minds as the people gathered there in Jerusalem for Passover began shouting “Hosanna!” as they entered? 
The first Palm Sunday was very different from what Jesus had done in the past when He and His Disciples entered Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. This time Jesus the Christ was establishing His kingship. Not the coming King that many may have been hoping for, but instead the King that everyone throughout all of time desperately needed! We would like to invite you to turn in your Bible to Mark 11 and download the teaching notes as Pastor Anton teaches about that first Plam Sunday, the Kingship of Jesus.