Pentecost Sunday – May 20, 2018 – Psalm 51

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Sermon Notes

Pentecost Sunday is not only a wonderful time to recall what the Holy Spirit did in and through the Believers that were gathered in the upper room after Jesus had ascended, but it is also a time to recognize the Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit currently. We invite you to listen to what the Holy Spirit might be speaking to you about as you listen to this message based on Psalm 51. God desires to create in you a new heart, to renew a loyal spirit within you, restore the joy of His salvation, and make you willing to obey Him. But do you want that in your own heart and life? How are you seeking the Holy Spirit and yielding your own plan and will for your life to His own? We invite you to download the teaching notes and listen to the following message. We hope and trust you will be encouraged.