Relentless Grace – Lent 2019 – John 5:1-18

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Sermon Notes

Have you ever wanted to the first one into the water? Maybe you were on vacation at a beautiful sandy beach, or maybe you were excited to jump into an inviting backyard pool during a sweltering Summer day… Regardless of your own situation, I doubt that you wanted to get into the water as badly as the man that Jesus approached in John 5. The Bible says that the man had been ill with something that had caused him paralysis for thirty-eight years! And he had been laying near to the edge of a pool found in the 1st century Jerusalem because when the waters were stirred, they were supposed to have healing powers… the problem was, you had to be the first one into the waters and he had no one to help him get into the water before others who were gathered for the same reason. We would like to invite you to turn in your own Bible to John 5, and download the teaching notes as you prepare to listen to the following message by Pastor Anton. We hope and trust you will be encouraged.