Relentless Grace – Lent 2019 – Luke 13:10-17

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Sermon Notes

Have you ever felt the awkwardness of having someone wave at you, and you waved back, only to come to the realization that they were looking at someone beyond or behind you? At that moment, as silly and as awkward as it may have been, is it possible that it might have made you feel “invisible” for a split second? In Luke chapter 13, the author Luke records an event where Jesus was preaching in a synagogue one Sabbath day and noticed a woman who may have been “invisible” to the people around her. Jesus not only saw her but called her forward and touched and healed her. Jesus then takes it a step further and calls her a “daughter of Abraham” a phrase that is used exclusively in this passage.
We would like to invite you to listen to the following message by Pastor Anton as he unpacks the truth and power behind this beautiful encounter. We hope and trust that you will be encouraged in your spiritual walk.