Relentless Grace – Lent 2019 – Palm Sunday – Matthew 21:1-17

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Sermon Notes

As we celebrate Palm Sunday in 2019, we ought to pause and reflect back on the first Palm Sunday when Jesus made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of what is known as Holy Week. Some scholars believe that there may have been somewhere between 2 and 3 million people in the immediate area during the celebration of the Passover Festival in the time of Jesus. It is difficult to wrap our minds around what it must have been like as Jesus came into town riding on the donkey. Some may have been expecting more and greater miracles. Others a leader and Messiah who would uphold the Law of the Lord. Some probably hoped and expected a military leader of the Messiah. And some expected Jesus’ fame to become even more well known during this time. 
In the following message by Pastor Anton, he will be teaching on the varied expectations of the groups gathered there in the city. We would like to invite you to turn in your own Bible to Matthew 21 and to download the teaching notes as you prepare to listen to the following message. We hope that you will be encouraged in your walk with the Lord.