Sharing Christ in a Christless Culture – Acts 17:16-34

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Sermon Notes

 The setting and background have a tremendous role when telling a story don’t they? When telling the greatest story of all, the Good News about Jesus Christ, background and context play a major factor in how someone might understand the Truth concerning Him. As we look at Peter’s sermon to the “Jews who were gathering in Jerusalem from all over the known world” found in Acts 2 we need to understand the listeners knew their stuff. They would have had much of the Old Testament memorized, and if nothing else, they would have known about the prophets and some of the major key fathers of the faith. However, if we fast forward 19 years (49 A.D.) to Acts 17 we see Paul speaking to a few groups of thinking men who had little to no understanding of the Bible. As a result, while his message concerning Jesus was the same as Peter’s (Acts 2) the method of communicating who Jesus was and is was very different. If you have ever felt intimidated or discouraged about sharing your faith in Jesus with people who do not have any background with the Bible then you are NOT alone! We would like to encourage you to download the teaching notes and listen to the following message by Pastor Anton. We hope and trust that you will be encouraged and challenged.