Lent – The Church in Pergamum – City of Satan – Revelation 2:12-17

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Sermon Notes

 Did you ever hear the phrase “I know where you live” growing up? In most situations that would be a threat, but in the context of the words of Jesus to the church located in the wealthy and influential city of Pergamum, it was actually an encouragement. Pergamum was known as one of the greatest cultural centers of the Hellenistic era. The city had a beautiful fountain, theater, pool, medical building, a massive library, and several temples. Idol and emperor worship were the norm, and tolerance of worshipping several false gods and deceased emperors was expected among the people. Jesus sends a strong warning to the church congregation located in Pergamum because of the sin among God’s people that some were tolerating. There were even some within the church seemed to be teaching that certain sins were acceptable for believers to commit. However, this was not and is not acceptable to God!
We would like to invite you to download the teaching notes and open your own Bible to Revelation 2:12-17 as you prepare to listen to this message by Pastor Anton. Our hope and prayers are that you will be encouraged and challenged in your walk with the Lord through this teaching.