The Story of Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors – Genesis 42:1-38

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Sermon Notes

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If you were only able to go to the grocery store one time within an entire year’s span of time, what items would you make certain you picked up on that shopping trip? Is there a food item or household product that you simply could not manage without? Consider with me the reality that many of us have the blessed privilege of driving by a grocery story once or multiple times each and every day. As we consider the Story of Joseph, studying Genesis 42, we discover that the seven years of sever drought are in full effect. People all over the known world at the time are flocking to Egypt to buy grain to avoid starving to death. Joseph’s ten older brothers are sent by their father Jacob to go and buy grain from Egypt some 250-300 miles from their homes in Canaan. And as they arrive in the presence of second in command Joseph, and they bow low out of honor and respect not knowing that he is in fact their brother! We encourage you to download the teaching notes and follow along as we study this passage together.