The Story of Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors – Genesis 43:1-25

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Sermon Notes

From Dream to Destiny Banner What happens in your home when there is a dispute that has resulted in a tie? Who has the final say when there is an impasse when making a difficult decision? In the story of Joseph and his family as found in Genesis 43, we see such an event unfold before our very eyes. Jacob, his wives, sons, and their families are all running out of food during the severe famine that is ravaging the known world at the time. They have gone to Egypt once prior to buy grain, but that provision is running out. The sons of Jacob, brothers of Joseph (although they still are unaware of his identity), must make the return 250-300 mile journey to Egypt and back to Canaan with more food… but they know they must face the second-in-command (Joseph) again when they return. The previous time he had accused them of being spies, and to confirm their identity they must return with their youngest brother Benjamin. Jacob is beside himself with worry and grief or the thought of possibly loosing another son, or all of his sons altogether! He is faced with a very difficult decision. What would you do? How would you decide? Would you place your trust in God to provide in the midst of a very difficult decision such as what Jacob was faced with? 
We encourage you to download the teaching notes and follow along in your Bible as Pastor Anton  teaches on Genesis 43. We hope and trust that you will be encouraged.