Too Good to be TRUE – Grace is Greater – John 15:1-5

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Sermon Notes

Full_Screen_darkHave you ever seen a dead vine grow grapes? I am talking a completely dead, no leaves left on it, crispy and dry vine growing healthy grapes. Healthy, full, tasty looking grapes that you would like to eat? I highly doubt it. And the reality is that I haven’t seen that either.
In John 15 Jesus shares with his disciples that He is the True vine, and that any branch that is attached to Him as the True vine will produce much healthy long-lasting fruit. However Jesus also mentions that any branches that have been separated from the vine will produce nothing.We are called to be branches that “remain in” or “abide” in the vine. We are to be cared for by the loving and wise gardener who prunes the branches so that we will produce healthy fruit.
In this week’s teaching, Pastor Anton shares about the two greatest hindrances that stand in our way of abiding in Jesus as the True Vine; Comparison and Condemnation. We would like to encourage you to download the teaching notes and follow along with the sermon recording. We hope that you will be encouraged to receive the gift of grace offered by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.