Too Good to be TRUE – His Grace Satisfies us Gal. 5:1-15

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Sermon Notes

Full_Screen_darkHave you ever not eaten all day in anticipation to going out-to-eat at amazing restaurant that evening? Didn’t the dinner taste amazing? The reality is that the food would have still tasted good even if you had eaten during the day, but when you or I fast in preparation, it cause the flavors to be all the more intense. The same is true of our spiritual hunger. When we “snack” all throughout the week on entertainment, food, etc., then when we come to our time with the Lord we are already filled up on “stuff,” and we discover we have less of a hunger for God and His presence in our lives. We would like to encourage you to turn in your Bible to Galatians 5, and download the teaching notes as you listen to the message by Pastor Anton about how His Grace Satisfies us. We hope and trust that you will be encouraged.