We Believe – Advent, Week 1 – Hope – Luke 1:1-25

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Sermon Notes

we-believe-advent-web-banner-smallerLife doesn’t often turn out the way we expect or plan, does it? Sometimes there are unexpected surprises that full us with joy and excitement… and there are other times when we are met with unplanned sorrow and grief.  In the New Testament Gospel of Luke, there is a Godly couple named Zechariah and Elizabeth. The author Luke explains that they were “righteous in the eyes of God, and that they were careful to obey all the commandments and regulations.” However even though they were great Godly people, they still had one major heartache… they didn’t have any children. And what is worse is that they were advanced in age. From a human viewpoint, it seemed as though their window of opportunity for being able to have a child of their own had all but closed. This cause much sadness and grief for the couple, and especially for Elizabeth. It is possible that you are reading this, and you have never had to deal with such heartache as childlessness, but all of us as humans have had our hopes and dreams crushed with unmet expectations. We would like to encourage you to turn in your Bible to Luke 1, download the teaching notes, and listen as Pastor Anton teaches on hope in the midst of sadness and unmet expectations. We trust that you will be blessed and encouraged.