We Believe – Advent, Week 2 – PEACE – Luke 2:8-20

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Sermon Notes

we-believe-advent-web-banner-smallerIf you were to list one word to describe your current state of being, your emotional state… what would that one word be? For some, it might be the word “busy”. The Holidays always cause for us to have extra responsibilities, travel, expenses, etc. So for you, your word might be busy. For others of us our word might be “confused”. Maybe the past week, month or even year has left you in a state or place of confusion. How many of us would actually use the word “peace” to describe our current state??? 
Much in the same way that inner peace might be something that many of us struggle with, it is highly possible it was also something that the 1st Century shepherds who were caring for their flocks of sheep may have felt when the Angel of the Lord came to them with great news of Jesus the Messiah’s birth.