Week 1 – Home Run Life – God’s Pattern for Running the Bases

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HRL_logo_ClayThis is the first of a five week series given by Pastor Anton Folz of FOCUS Wesleyan Church. This series is based off of the book “Home Run” written by Kevin Myers and John C. Maxwell. The teaching series focuses on the reality that in baseball, as well as in day to day living, none of us strive for a Strike Out. Yet so many of us find ourselves Striking Out time and time again striving for the Home Run Life dream that we have had since we were young.
The bad news is that you have been most likely trying to run the bases according to the world’s view and standard… But the Good News is that God has a game plan for running the bases the right way, a pattern that will allow us to start living the Home Run life that God intended for us. We at FOCUS hope you enjoy this study, and more importantly that it changes your life but empowering you to think about your life in a new refreshed way. By God’s pattern for living.